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We live at the intersection of teaching and doing, where learning is more than the transmission of knowledge, it is an act of collaboration and practice. Under the mentorship of our distinguished faculty, you’ll go beyond the information to not just learn about your field, but also to learn your field’s way of thinking. Through lectures, small group projects, independent studies, office hours, internships and more, you’ll leave Georgetown with the intellectual skills of perception, analysis, interpretation and expression.

11:1 Students:Professors Class-size ratio encourages open dialogue and inquiry
100 Prestigious scholarships & fellowships awarded each year to undergraduates and recent alumni
91% Of 2018 graduates employed or continuing education post-graduation

男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看“I have the ability to explore what I am interested and passionate in, which doesn’t necessarily follow directly what I am studying in my major.”

男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看“The emphasis upon a well-rounded liberal arts education … has given me the opportunity to delve into diverse course offerings.”

男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看“As a 24-year-old Marine Corps Infantryman, covered in tattoos, with a breadth of unique experiences, I was the epitome of a “non-traditional student.” Aside from the vast opportunities that existed in the SFS, it was the community that assured me, despite my non-traditional background, that I would belong too.”

男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看Explore the intersection of technology and society. Learn about environmental justice. Take the famous Problem of God course. Our innovative courses inspire and invite you to help solve some of today’s most pressing local, national and global issues.

Georgetown's Venture Lab

Design Your Future

男女做爰高清免费视频_成人免费视频在线观看Create a new app for an underserved population. Improve services for parents and children or create a groundbreaking new health device. We provide the intellectual depth, innovation and social justice framework so you can help make a better world.

Your Academic Life

Mena Mohamed

Mena Mohamed (SFS’20), who hopes to one day help improve America’s refugee system, is one of 62 undergraduates selected from 199 finalists today as 2019 Truman Scholars.

Otto Hentz sits with students

Tens of thousands of students have been influenced by Georgetown’s signature course, The Problem of God, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.